Campus Traditions with Evan

Segment #3 from Roanoke College


Let me introduce you to Evan, a senior from Durham, North Carolina. He’s a soccer player here and takes part in many other activities and traditions right here on campus. Over the nearly 200-year history of Roanoke College traditions have been developed and have been passed down from student to student. These traditions are what make the Maroon stand out. Let’s get to it. Evan, take it away.

– Thanks, Alex. Hey, everyone. When I was looking at schools, the only thing I really knew is that I wanted to play soccer, but as soon as I stepped foot on Roanoke’s campus, I knew this was the perfect place for me. One of the things I love most about Roanoke is how it feels like a family. Whether it’s my classmates, teammates, professors, or staff, I’ve been able to connect with everyone I’ve met. We have some fun traditions here at Roanoke like Fridays on the Quad, where the entire campus gathers for dinner and outdoor activities to kick off the fall semester. But there’s one thing you gotta watch out for, the campus seal, legend has it that if you step on the campus seal before graduation, you’re not gonna graduate on time. I try to stay away, but if you do accidentally step on the campus seal, you can go kick the kicking post for good luck, which is right nearby. Another special tradition we have is the 100 Days event for seniors, held 100 days before graduation every January. It’s amazing to walk around and recognize almost everyone in your class highlighting just how close knit our campus community is. When I first stepped foot on campus, I had no idea how close the community that I’d be joining was, but four years later, I’m not ready to give it up. As I figure out what’s next, I’m always gonna remember conversations with the Commons staff, away trips with my team and countless other memories, but that’s about all I got, so thanks, Alex, back to you.

– Great job, Evan. What an awesome story and outstanding traditions. The preserved history of Roanoke College has remained a key component to campus life and the close-knit community offered. Even though Evan is in his final year, we are confident he is more than prepared for the next step. Thanks again, Evan.

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