Housing and Dining on Campus with Mahaan

Segment #2 from Roanoke College


Okay, everyone, meet Mahaan, a freshman here on campus from South Africa. Roanoke College is a residential community with the purpose of not only building community, but also offering great housing and dining experiences for its students. Roanoke provides a variety of dining and housing options to choose from because college is more than just an academic experience. All yours, Mahaan.

– Thanks, Alex. Hey, people, being from South Africa, people often wonder how I found my way to Roanoke College. Long story short, I finished high school here in the States and during my junior year, I took an honors humanities class with a professor that was a Roanoke alum. I resonated deeply with him, and so I applied and cannot be happier. Adjusting to college life here is easy. I’ve made Roanoke my home. During the summer, I was able to choose my preferred dorm and room type, so I went for a double in Maxey Hall, our newest residence all on campus. Looking ahead, I’m excited to have even more housing options for me to choose from, like single rooms and apartment-style living, but that’s not until next year. Now, let’s talk about dining, because I love to eat. My friends and I make it a tradition to have group meals at our main dining hall whenever we can. We’re spoiled for choices with options like Mediterranean shawarma, Mexican and Japanese rice bowls, chicken korma and pancake nights. Basically anything and everything you can think of. The best part is that Commons is open all week, so we can always find time together and enjoy our meal together. The Cavern is another go-to spot for fast food favorites, especially a late night craving since it’s open until 11:00 PM. Freshens, our newest edition offers healthy bowls, wraps and salads. I can’t get enough of their Thai chicken rice bowl. And for their essential morning caffeine fix, Rooney’s Brews in the library is the perfect spot for many students. Learning how to live well on campus is still something I’m learning to do. Figuring out a balance for classes, social life, mental health, and everything else is something that takes time, still, Roanoke College is here to support you and make sure that you feel at home. Okay, Alex, I’m getting hungry. Take it away.

– That is so impressive, Mahaan. The housing and dining experience is a significant element to a student’s college transition and your story of making Roanoke your home truly exhibits what Roanoke College stands for. Cultivating outside-of-the-classroom experiences to ensure you enjoy your campus to the fullest. Save some from me, Mahaan, and take care.

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