Career Exploration and Mentorship with Abby

Segment #1 from Roanoke College


Let’s catch up with Abby, a junior majoring in international relations and religious studies. When Roanoke students need career support on campus, they visit PLACE, which stands for Purpose, Life and Career Exploration. The amazing staff here helps students find internships, graduate schools and careers, and those Roanoke College success rates are impressive. Tell us more about your accomplishments so far, Abby, take it away.

– Thanks, Alex. Hey, everybody. I’ve always been interested in global politics, other cultures and the world around me, and I wanted a small school so that I could have personal relationships with and extra support from my professors, and I found that here at Roanoke with the small class sizes, it makes all of those connections effortless. I was initially drawn to Roanoke College because its renowned international relations program and support of alumni network, but now what I love about it is how many doors have opened for me and my career as a Maroon. Thanks to the on-campus career center, also known as PLACE, I’ve taken part in two enriching internships, a stint in D.C. and a chance to welcome new students to campus. PLACE stands for Purpose, Life and Career Exploration, and it’s much more than your average career center. It’s every student’s compass on campus. It goes beyond resumes and interview prep by allowing students to identify and champion their purpose in life after graduation. I’ve also found passion in my work, interning at the National Organization for Women and in gender health, addressing the Virginia Senate and collaborating with change makers. I’m proud to have had the opportunity to work with people who are truly changing the world and it’s all thanks to PLACE. PLACE serves as a hub on campus, linking students to postgraduate opportunities, managing our Handshake platform for nationwide job connections and offering the Meet a Maroon program for alumni insights. PLACE ensures our readiness for applications, interviews, and the professional journey ahead. I’m grateful to Roanoke College for helping me develop my career. I love being at a school that enables you to transition into the real world. Figuring out what comes next is scary, but I know that I can do anything here at Roanoke because I have an entire team of people to help me figure it out. Back to you, Alex.

– Thank you, Abby, your story helps acknowledge the resources available at Roanoke to secure student success after college. Roanoke College students and alumni brag about one-on-one advising, connections to jobs and internships, professional coaching, and the list goes on and on. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, Abby. Thanks again.

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