Career Preparation with Marjorie

Segment #7 from Old Dominion University


All right, let’s hear from Marjorie, a current junior who chose ODU for its exceptional education, diversity and career resources. She’ll share her inspiring journey as a woman in engineering and the valuable support she found within the ODU community. You’re up, Marjorie.

– Thanks, Alex, hey, guys. When I was first deciding which college I wanted to go to, some of the most important factors to me were the quality of the education, diversity and resources available to prepare me for a future career in engineering. Thankfully, ODU covered all of those bases. As a woman in engineering, I had some doubts about standing on equal footing in the male-dominated field. However, I was able to find the communities within ODU to give me that confidence to enter the working world. Civic Scholars is a program that started here in Hampton Roads to give students from ODU and Tidewater Community College the ability to meet executives in the area. They provide workshops and opportunities so that we can prepare for the professional world. This is done through etiquette dinners, leadership evaluations and mentorships with executives in Hampton Roads. Thanks to Civic, I have been able to network with people from NASA, Jefferson Lab, WHRL and so many others. ODU prepares us for our futures which is why they offer so many resources through the Career Development Services, such as mock interviews, custom business cards and Big Blue’s Closet, a service that provides students with free business clothes. There are so many other networking events at ODU and professors constantly reach out to check on our wellbeing, offer research opportunities and information on scholarships. ODU is the stepping stone into my future career. ODU’s organizations, events and faculty have helped me feel confident that I will succeed in my career after college. Well, that’s all that I have to say. Alex, take it back.

– Wow, Marjorie, it is amazing to hear how you were able to network and get career ready through the Civic Scholars organization. It is so awesome that Old Dominion University prepares students for what’s next. Thanks again, Marjorie.

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