ODU Education Transforms Your Life with Joshua

Segment #6 from Old Dominion University


Up next, we’re gonna introduce you to Joshua, a senior majoring in computer science. His journey to ODU is a testament to determination and dedication. From becoming a parent at a young age to pursuing a dream career in cybersecurity, his path fueled by faith and family has led him to a transformative experience at ODU and a promising future with the Department of Defense, Joshua.

– Thanks for that introduction, Alex. My story is different from most, but it’s shaped who I am and led me to ODU. At 16, my first son was born. This forced me in the workforce at a young age to support my family, which now includes my wife and three sons. I have worked in various service industries, including construction, technology sales and sanitation and yet, I never gave up on my dream of pursuing a career in cybersecurity. Being a man firmly devoted to my faith, it was extremely important to me to be able to support my family. I strive to be a strong and positive role model for my kids. Navigating college life as a non-traditional student parent can be overwhelming, but my experience at ODU has been nothing short of transformative. ODU understands that a college education is about more than just learning job skills. It’s about personal growth, character development and achieving one’s full potential. The university’s commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment has been instrumental in my academic journey. ODU’s faculty and staff have been understanding of my unique circumstances and have offered me flexibility through their online program, allowing me to balance my family responsibilities with my studies. I consider this opportunity to go to school an honor and I want to serve humanity through my studies at ODU. After graduation, I will begin work as a computer scientist for the Department of Defense thanks to the prestigious DoD SMART Scholarship program. This exciting opportunity allows me to apply my knowledge and skills to contribute to our nation’s national defense and make a meaningful impact in the field of cybersecurity. Back to you, Alex.

– Thank you for sharing your incredible journey with us, Joshua. Your determination to pursue a challenging career in cybersecurity while balancing family responsibilities is truly inspiring. Congratulations on your upcoming role as a computer scientist with the Department of Defense. We’re all rooting for you.

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