Living on Campus with Cindy

Segment #5 from Old Dominion University


All right, everyone, let’s meet Cindy, a junior majoring in public health who embodies the spirit of compassion and community. From her early career as an elderly caregiver to her decision to major in public health at Old Dominion University, she’s on a mission to make a difference in the world. Take it away, Cindy.

– Thanks, Alex. Hi, everyone. Growing up, I always loved helping out others and making a difference. After high school, I became a elderly caregiver and realized how much I needed to ensure that people out in the world get the care that they need. I decided to major in public health at Old Dominion University. The university’s faculty and staff made my transition to ODU a breeze. ODU is passionate about ensuring students are not only thriving academically but that they’re also making lifelong connections. Living on campus is one way of doing that. ODU has many residence hall room options, from single to double to apartment-style dorms, and there are great food options when it comes to your meal plan. As a resident assistant, I get to see the diversity of students and assist them in making connections, whether it’s through our monthly activities we host or showing off our school spirit and attending events together. As an RA at ODU, my goal is to help students maximize the numerous resources available to them, such as the nearby tutor centers on campus. Additionally, I want to provide the necessary support for those living away from home, especially those doing so for the first time. At ODU, I gained the experience needed to work collaboratively with others and tackle problems in the real world. I know these skills will help me be successful after graduation. It was nice chatting with you. That’s all for me. Alex, back to you.

– Thank you, Cindy, for providing us with insight into your public service journey. We also loved hearing about the ways you work to make students living in the residence halls feel part of the campus community, absolutely incredible. Thanks again.

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