Greek Life with Luke

Segment #4 from Old Dominion University


Let’s hear from Luke. Luke is a junior from Smithfield, Virginia who found a community through Greek life to share his passion for entrepreneurship. We’ll hear how his fraternity helped him stay focused, give back to his community, establish connections and make lifelong memories, Luke.

– I appreciate you, Alex. Let’s get right into it. I grew up in the small rural town of Smithfield, Virginia where I enjoyed exploring the forest, swimming in the James River and playing sports such as soccer, basketball and football. When I was 10, I decided to sell some of my old toys to start a savings account. My father taught me all about how banks work, especially interest. Later, when I was 18 and finishing high school, I decided to start my own car detailing business to save money for college. I called it Diploma Detailing. As my passion for entrepreneurship and my interest in finances grew, I found the perfect university to help me pursue my dreams, Old Dominion. I joined Theta Chi fraternity and met hundreds of like-minded individuals who all wanted a deeper sense of community and to have the most memorable college experience they could. I often talk to my brothers as well as members of other Greek organizations about my finance classes, entrepreneurship and anything else that ignites our passion to learn. Greek life at ODU is not just about the friendships and fun events, it’s about the community connections. There are fraternity and sorority service events and sports championships, such as the President’s Cup. There are reserved sections for Greek life at home games, as well as awards that promote grades and philanthropy, such as the Most Outstanding Chapter Award. Going to college can be intimidating and stressful, but joining Greek life has helped me keep my grades up, be more responsible with my budget, give back to my community, find a deeper connection to my alma mater and make memories that are absolutely priceless to me. That’s my two cents anyway. Back to you, Alex.

– Luke, thank you for highlighting Greek life at ODU and how it made your college experience so rewarding. That was fantastic.

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