Career Readiness with Kaia

Segment #1 from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


Time to meet Kaia, a senior from St. Paul, Minnesota, majoring in musical theater. UWSP’s College of Fine Arts and Communication is proud to be ranked in the top 7% nationally with accredited programs in art, music, dance and theater. Kaia will tell us about the thriving fine art scene here at UWSP and how she has become career-ready. You’re up Kaia.

– Thank you, Alex. Hi everyone. The performing arts have always been a huge part of my life. From my church’s youth choir to my very first musical in high school. During high school, I discovered that I could make a living outta this passion that I had, so I started to explore schools. After a lot of searching and auditioning, I found UW-Stevens Point, the conservatory-level education with a state school price tag was what initially attracted me. The second I arrived at UWSP, I fell in love with the campus and the community that the college and the theater and dance department curated. Since my first year, I have been lucky enough to have been cast in a wide variety of productions. These opportunities help me to not only expand as an actor, but as a person. A fun fact about me, I was born hard of hearing and I am fluent in American Sign Language. Instead of hiding that part of myself, the theater and dance department gave me the space to put on my own presentation to show the beauty of American Sign Language. This gave me confidence and has opened career opportunities for me. The UWSP Theater and Dance Program sets you up for success. They provide connections, masterclasses, and opportunities to perform. For example, my sophomore year I expressed to one of my professors that I wanted to find a company to work at for the summer. My professor provided a list of theaters and hosted an audition on campus. That very audition gave me my first professional theatrical contract. If you were to tell my first year self where I am now career-wise, I don’t think I would believe you, but here at UWSP, you are encouraged to go above and beyond and you are given the resources to do so. Now, back to you, Alex.

– Wow, Kaia, it’s amazing learning how you are able to pursue your passion in music and performance while being supported by faculty, staff, and fellow Pointers. There are really no limits to what you can do right here at UWSP. Thanks again, Kaia.

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