First-Generation Student with Elliott

Segment #2 from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


Now introducing Elliott. Elliot is a senior from Appleton, Wisconsin, studying biochemistry with an emphasis in pre-medicine. Elliott is gonna tell us about being a first-generation student, her undergraduate research, and how UWSP has equipped her with the skills needed for graduate school. Take it away, Elliott.

– Thanks, Alex. Hi, everyone. Growing up, I had such a passion for science and an ambition to care for others, which led me to pursue a career in the medical field. I wanted a university that would prepare me for my future and I knew that UWSP was the best place for me to thrive. As a first-generation college student, the process of choosing the perfect college for me was daunting, but after touring UWSP, I fell in love with the campus, the faculty, and the small class sizes. The faculty are incredibly supportive and have acted as mentors for me in my undergraduate journey. They have introduced me to the many opportunities available to pre-medical students, including the honors program and undergraduate research. At UWSP, you get hands-on research experience with talented professors in our specialized labs. I am currently working as a reproductive biology research assistant and have had the honor of attending multiple conferences. I even won an award for presenting at the UW state final level and first place for my quick pitch presentation here on campus. Not only does research at UW-Stevens Point help further your education, but equip you with the skills needed for graduate school. Resources like the Tutoring Learning Center and the Academic and Career Advising Center are always available to help students succeed. Through UW-Stevens Point, I have become more independent and can seek one-on-one support from faculty and peers. UW-Stevens Point invests in their students’ goals by providing optimal support from faculty and enrichment opportunities. Because of the experiences I’ve had and the connections I’ve made, I feel more prepared than I could have imagined for my future in medical school. I would not trade my experience at UWSP for the world, and that’s my story. Back to you, Alex.

– Thank you, Elliott. We all loved hearing your story about the small class sizes and the investment UW-Stevens Point makes in students to achieve their goals. It’s really impressive stuff. The relationships between students and faculty and UWSP really do go a long way. Thanks again, Elliott.

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