Learning Outside the Classroom with Logan

Segment #3 from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


Say hello to Logan, a junior forest management student with a fire science certificate. Like many other students at UWSP, Logan has a desire to learn in the great outdoors. UWSP was a perfect fit due to its three field stations in central Wisconsin. Logan will talk to us about his time as a natural resources student. Take it away, Logan.

– Thanks, Alex. I appreciate the introduction. I’ve always loved camping, hiking, fishing, and pretty much any other outdoor activity you can think of. Since the outdoors has always played such a huge role in my life, I knew I wanted to work a job where I could be outside. When I was a junior in high school, one of my teachers told me how UW-Stevens Point had a great natural resources program, and after looking at their website and seeing the various majors and clubs available, I decided it was the right place for me. Throughout my time at UWSP, so many of my classes and experiential labs have provided real-world, hands-on experiences, including using UAV thermal imagery technology in wildland fire operations. I not only have the opportunity to learn in the classroom, but I can go out into the field with professors and practice what I’ve learned. Once I graduate, I’ll already have the skills I need to be successful in my career. I’ve been a part of a club called the UWSP Fire Crew since I was a first-year student. In this club, students get wildland firefighting and prescribe burn training and opportunities. I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer in Florida and Illinois doing prescribed burns, and I’ve learned so much along the way. As a sophomore, I was able to work a wildland firefighting job with the US Forest Service and gain valuable experience. Coming into college, I wasn’t expecting to be exposed to so many great experiences. UW-Stevens Point has provided me with an abundance of opportunities that I couldn’t have imagined, which I know will benefit me upon graduation. Whatever it is you wanna do, go out and pursue it. Take every opportunity thrown your way. Your UWSP journey is about to be fire. Now, back to you Alex.

– Wow, coming in hot, Logan, thank you so much for sharing your experiences. The Fire Crew sounds like a great organization to join as a natural resources student. The expert professors, networking, and volunteer opportunities are just some of the reasons why UWSP has a leading program in natural resources. Thanks again, Logan.

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