Community and Support

Segment #10 from Xavier University of Louisiana


Let’s head over to meet Rachel. She’s a sophomore majoring in chemistry pre-med and says she finally felt at home after transferring to Xavier. Finding your community and college is so important. Rachel, tell us more.

Thanks, Desi. I’ve always had a passion for helping people. When I began looking for a college I knew I needed to be able to support my passions and growing up in the big city of Atlanta, my college also had to be in a big city to feel at home. After transferring from three schools my freshman year, I was certain that I never found the school that’s right for me. Xavier exceeded my expectations in every way. Our pre-med department emphasizes excelling and expects nothing other than greatness. Xavier also encourages us to pursue different passions. I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at local animal shelters. We help with feeding, taking care of and walking the pets. It’s great that I can take a break from class and have fun with the pets. I was also able to join the marching band where I’ve met some of the most amazing people and I can build a reputation for the school while pursuing my passion in music. Xavier is extremely rigorous and dedicated to its students so it’s a no-brainer than we produce the most black doctors. The campus has many resource centers and opportunities to find help in your classes. I appreciate that the review sessions are run by students so I feel more comfortable which makes it easier to ask more questions. I’m always proud to say I attend this school and I have all the hoodies to prove it. I’m not just sitting in a classroom learning about medicine but I’m giving hands-on experiences to ensure my understanding. I know I’m in the right place and the southern hospitality from everyone encourages me to stay. Back to you, Desi.

 I love it, Rachel, and the hoodies, of course. I’m glad you found your home at Xavier. Best of luck in your career. Thanks again. 

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