Community Engagement with Rachel

Segment #10 from University of North Florida


Rachel is a senior majoring in political science with a minor in sociology. She’s heavily engaged with her community, so much so, Rachel was chosen nationally for an impressive fellowship. Let’s hear about that opportunity and more now. Rachel?

– Thanks, Alex. Hi, everybody. From a young age, my grandpa and mom always taught me that I could be the change that I wanna see in the world. When looking for a school, I wanted to find somewhere where I can learn and grow to understand the politics in the world around me. UNF provides that and has helped me discover how to put my values into action. The most influential part of my college experience has been working at a community-based learning center on campus. It is a place where students organize and participate in projects that serve our community. It is also where I help promote Osprey Vote, a project that utilizes an app to guide students through the voting process. My work at UNF, which includes founding a workers advocacy group, led to my selection as a Newman Civic Fellow. This is providing me with training and networking opportunities at the national level to create positive change in the world. UNF holds the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement, recognizing the university’s commitment to civic involvement here in Jacksonville, across the nation and even the world. In fact, in just five years, UNF students have dedicated more than 2.1 million hours of service, working with non-profits and businesses. That’s almost 246 years of work, making our community and world stronger. UNF has connected me with new opportunities with local and national groups that allow me to take the action that I dreamed of as a child, while watching the news over my grandfather’s shoulder. My experiences have taught me that community is at the heart of change, realistic optimism is important and scattering kindness is essential. These are the values I plan to live and lead by after graduation, hopefully, in a career in a city or state government. That’s all for me. Back to you, Alex.

– Scattering kindness? I love hearing that, Rachel! What a way to make an impact on the world. And it’s great to see that UNF is such a hub for community and civic engagement in Florida. Thank you.

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