Military-Friendly and Welcoming Campus with Kenneth

Segment #9 from University of North Florida


Kenny, who is studying public health, chose UNF for its thriving ROTC program. For more than a decade, UNF has been named one of the most military-friendly schools in the nation, embracing and providing resources to active-duty military, veterans and their family members. Kenny, let’s hear your story.

– Thank you, Alex. When I was a kid, my parents instilled in me the importance of going to college. I also had an interest in joining the military. When I learned about UNF’s Army ROTC program, I realized this was the university for me. From physical training programs to learning about military operations and tactics in the classroom, ROTC prepares students for success in the military, or in civilian careers. Through this program, I joined the National Guard where students can help serve their communities during natural disasters. Now, as a fourth-year cadet, I also get hands-on experience helping other cadets. ROTC has taught me mental agility, personal accountability and leadership skills. It’s here where I’ve met friends I’ll know forever. Now there’s even an Army ROTC Living-Learning Community at UNF where students with similar interests can live in the same area on campus, helping with comradery and motivation. While academics and ROTC are a big part of my life, I also love playing intramural football and basketball with my friends, training at the campus gym and participating in a theater group here at school. Yes, theater. I loved performing when I was a child. I jumped at the chance to continue that in college. This year, I’m playing a soldier in an original adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Othello”. The coolest part of being at UNF is being able to get involved on campus and make genuine connections. It’s easy to feel part of the university community. After I graduate, I’m commissioning into the United States Army as a second lieutenant. From there, I plan to be in the medical field, either in the army or as a civilian. Back to you, Alex.

– Kenny, it’s good knowing how welcoming UNF is to all students, including those connected to the military. We appreciate your desire to serve our country. Thank you.

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