Learning in a Healthcare Hub with Jessica

Segment #8 from University of North Florida


Let’s hear from Jessica, a junior who wants to attend medical school. Jacksonville, Florida is a major medical hub with world-renowned healthcare facilities, including the Mayo Clinic. What a perfect location for a university with award-winning healthcare programs and for future nurses, healthcare administrators and biomedical science majors like Jessica. Take it from here, Jessica.

– Thanks, Alex. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to become a doctor. But I never really knew I can’t. That’s until I tore both of my ACLs, while playing high-school football. Over the past few years, I’ve been in and out of operating rooms, becoming friends with my orthopedic surgeon. That’s when I knew I wanted to help athletes. Small class sizes drew me to UNF. Coming from a small town, I knew moving away was gonna be a big change. But I have never felt like just a number at UNF. Having professors, who care about how I do in class and about my future, makes a world of a difference. I get to shadow doctors at nearby hospitals and study for the MCAT with my peers. At UNF, I’ve learned to balance a rigorous academic load with a full social life. That includes going to the beach, participating in clubs and playing intramural sports. I’ve even started playing football again, this time, on a semi-pro team. UNF provides countless opportunities for students across disciplines. If instead you choose nursing, UNF offers undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Students can use UNF state-of-the-art simulation labs for hands-on training and can get clinical experience at local healthcare facilities. Looking back now, small-town Jessica would’ve never imagined, she’d be standing here, speaking to you all about one of the best decisions she’s ever made, but I am. Medical school is next for me and a career as an orthopedic surgeon. But before I go, I want you all to know that whatever field of study you may choose, UNF and its amazing faculty and staff will be there with you through it all. Well, that’s all from me. Back to you, Alex.

– What an inspirational story! It’s great seeing students like Jessica finding a school that meets all of their needs for today and helps them accomplish their goals. Students at UNF have opportunities to conduct meaningful research on state-of-the-art equipment, learn from industry experts and solve real problems. Thank you for sharing your story, Jessica.

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