Housing and Amenities with Isaiah

Segment #7 from University of North Florida


Let’s all welcome Isaiah, a graduate student studying criminal justice, who also works in housing here at UNF. UNF offers countless resources and activities for students living on or visiting campus. There are seven residence halls, three pools and even a lazy river. What a great person to share more about what UNF has to offer its students. Take it away, Isaiah.

– Thank you, Alex. Growing up, going to college was just a dream for me. But now, it’s a reality. As a first-generation college student, I was nervous about coming to college at first. But as soon as I stepped foot on UNF’s campus, I knew I would be here for four years. Living on campus, helped me quickly make friends and connections and build community. During my time here as an undergrad, I was able to dual-minor in business management and leadership. My time in UNF’s leadership program, is what catapulted me into being a resident assistant in university house in my senior year and working as an assistant residence life coordinator now as a grad student. My experiences give me a unique perspective and the drive to help students make the most of their time living on campus. UNF offers everything from traditional residence halls to apartment-style living. The more than a dozen living-learning communities, provide like-minded students opportunities to share experiences, develop friendships and study together. There’s one for pre-med, one for music majors and even a community for students interested in health and fitness. Residents have access to a ton of amenities, including the pools Alex mentioned, game rooms and fitness centers. All students can hang out at Tommy G’s, our library. You can study alone, or reserve a private study room with friends. If you enjoy the lively food court feel, our student union is the spot. But my personal favorite, is the newly renovated Boathouse restaurant. There are countless opportunities to find your community at UNF. I know this is just the beginning. After I graduate, I hope to teach and start a criminal justice academy in a high school, or into law enforcement. Back to you, Alex.

– Wow! Campus housing and amenities have come a long way, since I went to school. Thank you, Isaiah for sharing your story and your love for UNF.

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