Community Outreach with Carlos

Segment #3 from Touro University Nevada


It’s time now for you to meet Carlos, a first year physician assistant study student from nearby Las Vegas. Touro Nevada’s mission is to provide quality education programs in the field of healthcare in concert with the Judaic commitment to social justice, intellectual pursuit, and service to humanity. That’s why Carlos decided to come here. Tell us more, Carlos.

– Thanks Alex. Hi, everybody. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to help people and by the time, I graduated high school, I was committed to medicine. Opportunities like this are what brought me Touro University of Nevada. Being a gay Latino, it was very important for me that the school I picked believed in community outreach. We are serving people who are experiencing homelessness. Our mobile health unit never stops. We go out to different sites around Southern Nevada helping people who don’t have access to care. Making a difference in people’s lives is the most fulfilling experience imaginable. It’s an honor to go to clinics under the guidance of our experienced faculty alongside upperclassmen completing their rotations. Together, we are caring for people who have been human trafficked or victims of domestic violence, people who are experiencing homelessness, are part of the LGBTQ community or have a language barrier. I’m very proud of what we’re accomplishing here. I know my family’s very proud of me as well. At Touro University of Nevada, I feel like my passion for caring has found a path to make it possible. Serving the underserved isn’t just something we do or say, it’s who we are. All Touro University Nevada PA students are required to complete a community medicine rotation. We get to work with organizations like Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada, Nevada Homeless Alliance and Catholic charities. Touro Nevada’s PA program is not only teaching me how to be a more knowledgeable and skillful provider, but also a mindful and empathetic one. That’s all for me. Back to you, Alex.

– Carlos, great job in showing how this Jewish sponsored university walks the walk when it comes to its commitment to getting students involved in community outreach programs. Helping underserved populations is making the positive changes you are striving for. Thanks again.

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