Student Support with McKena

Segment #2 from Touro University Nevada


Let’s hear from McKena, a student in the medical health sciences program who is building a strong foundation as she prepares for her next educational journey. Touro Nevada has an unwavering commitment to student success proven by their board scores, licensure exams, and ultimately placement rates. McKena shares how that personalized support specifically designed to help students succeed is working for her. Take it away.

– Thanks, Alex. I chose the Master’s of Medical Health Science program at Touro Nevada because it gave me a strong background in science to get into a physician assistant program, MHS is a flexible 10 month degree that prepares students for multiple professional careers in healthcare. My background in theater and dance was about making people happy and now I will have the opportunity to make people happy by helping them be healthy. With this new challenge, I knew I was going to need extra help to excel. Luckily, Touro Nevada has a dedicated learning center, a safe space for students to meet with plenty of masters trained specialists and tutors in a welcoming environment. I’m working with education experts to identify my study schedule, establish good study habits, and achieve my goals. My learning specialist, Jasmine always makes me feel like I have someone in my corner. She pushes me to do my very best and encourages me when times are tough. Touro Nevada prioritizes resources for students and shows us how to best use them. Here, students are more than just educated, they’re inspired. Counseling services offered at the university are a testament to this. Aside from one-on-one, mental health and life counseling services, the university offers mindfulness seminars, walks, a meditation app and Koru meditation classes. They know that you cannot do your best unless you feel your best, and here, we have people we can lean on. Fulfilling my passion for people by furthering my education meant I had to pick an institution that was going to guide me and cheer me on. Like so many of my other MHS colleagues, Touro Nevada has supported me and helped me get into my program of choice knowing I have the tools and capabilities to succeed. Well, my study break is over. Back over to you, Alex.

– Wow, McKena, your dedication to your studies and utilization of those resources has paid off. Congratulations on getting into the physician assistant studies program. I’m sure you’re ready for the next step at Touro Nevada. Thanks again for sharing your story.

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