Diverse Program Offerings with Maxwell

Segment #2 from Collin College


Let’s head over to meet Maxwell, a freshman at the Wiley Campus, who will introduce us to the Veterinary Technology Program. This program is highly sought after and prepares students to care for our furry four-legged friends with so much hands-on experience. Maxwell is about to tell us about this unique program. Take it away.

– Thanks, Alex. Hi, y’all. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to work with animals, so of course my dream job was to become a licensed veterinary nurse. So I needed to go to a college that is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association, and of course, Collin College’s program was the one. I got my first job at a veterinary clinic during my senior year in high school, where I learned the many responsibilities within each role and learned how much I enjoyed working as a technician. Upon starting my first semester, I was immediately met with compassion and support from my peers and my professors. My professors set aside their time to help us understand the material and practice our essential skills. With the education I’m receiving at Collin College and my current work at Veterinary Emergency Group, I’m learning so much about what it takes to be a licensed veterinary nurse. Collin College has a wide variety of programs that offer certificates, associates, and bachelor’s degrees, which range from art, video production, to business, computer science, and various healthcare tracks. The amount of hands-on learning in not just the veterinary technology program, but other programs allow you to get a headstart in your career. Collin College’s veterinary technology program has allowed me to take a step forward in the advancement of veterinary medicine and patient adequacy. I’m able to take the knowledge that I have learned back to my career and community to offer gold standard medical care for all our patients, thanks to our team of passionate professors who strive to make veterinary students into nurses. I fell in love with the career of veterinary nursing and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Back to you, Alex.

– Maxwell, thank you for sharing your passion and love of animals with us. That 100% pass rate has been consistent for the last three years. What an accomplishment. We know this accredited program at Collin College is preparing you to join the vet tech workforce right after graduation. Best of luck, Maxwell. Thanks again.

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