Supporting First-Generation Students with Marylaisis

Segment #1 from Collin College


– Thanks, Alex. Hello, everyone. When I started looking at what life would look like after high school, I would have never imagined myself in college, let alone such an amazing school like Collin College. Collin College is a place that prides itself in providing accessible opportunities for higher education to anyone from any background with programs and resources that give us access to mentorship at no cost. A first-generation student like myself has the opportunity to succeed by asking for help from mentors who understand our position personally through these services. My guidance and academic counselors have been amazing through each and every step of the way. They’re providing me with resources and materials to ace my courses during my time here at Collin College. I got to sit down with an academic advisor and for the very first time, get answers to many questions any first-gen student might have. All my encounters here with the staff have been nothing but positive, and I am so grateful I have an entire team here at Collin College who I can turn to when I need help. A college education is for far more than learning skills for a new job or to enter the real world, and Collin College is amazing at reminding us first-gens of that. Collin offers tailored programs that help low-income first-generation students through the college journey and into the corporate world. Whatever major you choose, you won’t just learn about it at Collin College. You’ll get hands-on experience and guidance through the entire process, from first-year academic coaches to job offers after graduation. I am happy to attend class and get my education while being able to attend events and make new memories with friends. That’s all for me. Now, back to you, Alex.

– Supportive staff and faculty make all the difference, and students like Marylaisis are a prime example of what can be accomplished when given the tools to excel. There are resources like these at every single campus, making sure students reach their career goals. Marylaisis, we are sure you will inspire future first-gen students all around. Thanks again.

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