Doubling Down on Education with Chrystal

Segment #2 from The Universities at Shady Grove


Let’s meet Chrystal, a Towson University senior at USG majoring in elementary and special education. Chrystal knew early on that Towson was a great school for education students, but when she discovered she could save money and pursue the same Towson degree at USG, she knew she found the perfect pathway for her. Chrystal, you’re up.

– Thanks, Alex. Hey, everyone. Growing up, I’ve always knew that I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. This make choosing a college pretty easy as I live in a state with one of the top education colleges in the state of Maryland. Towson University allows the experience and opportunities for students to earn together, not one but two teaching certifications. I truly value using my time wisely and by receiving dual certifications and degrees in elementary and special education, I get to save money and choose between two careers. I love being able to collaborate with my peers and learn from each other’s experiences as we navigate our teaching internships in the general ed and special education classrooms, Towson University provides hands-on early experiences within the county’s diverse elementary schools. Not only am I being fully prepared to teach in one of the most diverse counties and taught school districts in the nation, I’m also developing a community of professional future colleagues. The USG campus integrates so many diverse backgrounds and cultures from staff to students and professors. As an Asian American, I feel so welcomed and appreciated by the supportive community here on campus. I’m so grateful for the lifelong friends I’ve made. We’ve taken full advantage of the amenities here on campus to study, hang out, or just have lunch together. As I prepare for graduation, I feel fortunate to be so well supported as I get set to begin my education career. But whatever university or program you choose at USG, I’m sure the community of experienced professionals here will fully support you and your personal journey into your future career. Well, I can go on forever, but that’s all from me. Back to you, Alex.

– I love that story, Chrystal. Finding out you can pursue your lifelong dream of becoming a school teacher and being able to earn a prestigious Towson University education degree in an even more affordable and convenient way. Wow, that’s what USG is truly all about. Thanks, Chrystal.

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