Scientifically Fit with David

Segment #3 from The Universities at Shady Grove


Let’s meet David, a senior who is majoring in exercise science from Salisbury University. Salisbury is an example of a leading Maryland university that is located almost three hours away from the USG campus. But because his program is offered at USG, David is well on his way to a meaningful career in the exciting field of exercise science. David, you are on.

– Thanks, Alex. Hey, everyone. My interest in studying the body and its biomechanics first sparked when I started karate 13 years ago. Salisbury University with this exercise science program at the Universities at Shady Grove has allowed me to continue dedicating time to my passion while deepening my understanding of human anatomy. My relentless commitment to training over the past 13 years led me to earning a spot on the USA Karate National Team. When choosing a university, it was important for me to pick a school that would allow me to continue training with the same rigor. USG’s convenient location as a commuter campus lets me balance my time between athletics and academics. As for academics, the exercise science program allows me to learn about biomechanics and sports performance, which directly translates to and enhances my training. USG offers many on-campus resources that enrich students’ learning. For example, they offer an array of workshops that support students in their professional development, such as resume building and networking strategies, the campus library, and the state of the art interactive boards found throughout campus that I use to help draw out and visualize what I’m learning. Salisbury University’s exercise science program at USG immerses students in all kinds of environments, ranging from in-depth lectures to hands-on experiential lab work. The topics covered are useful for gaining a comprehensive understanding of the variables that help people achieve healthy lifestyles. Studying exercise science has provided me with skills and knowledge that I’ve been able to apply to different areas of my life. From supporting my passion for karate to facilitating my journey towards achieving my career goals, my Salisbury education and USG have given me the resources to not only succeed academically, but also to grow professionally and individually. Back to you, Alex.

– David, it’s so cool to see how you are just as passionate about pursuing your exercise science degree at USG as you are about your amazing talent in the high flying competition of karate. That same drive you bring to your sport is gonna propel you to success in your field, thanks again.

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