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Segment #4 from Texas A&M University


With more than 400 study abroad programs in 110 different countries, Texas A&M students can explore the world and receive college credit for it. Kaitlyn is a senior studying architecture, global arts, planning, design and construction. When she chose her hometown school, she had no idea her Aggie journey would take her abroad. Kaitlyn, tell us about your adventures.

Thanks for the intro, Alex. I was born and raised in college stations surrounded by the devoted culture and traditions of Aggieland along with the amazing community. Many of my family are also former students, what we call our alumni, which inspired my dream of becoming an Aggie too. Little did I know my Aggie experience would take me across the world. I studied sustainable architecture and urban development through a Texas A&M program in Bonn, Germany. I stayed with the host family, which allowed me to fully immerse myself in the German culture. I traveled with faculty and other students for five weeks participating in many excursions, including to Marksburg Castle, the Cologne Cathedral, and several locations in Munich. We also went to the Netherlands where we learned about their water barrier systems, participated in a cycling tour and explored a rooftop exhibit showcasing sustainability. Overall, I traveled to five countries earned credit for courses relevant to my major and gained knowledge and sustainable practices, architecture and transportation that will stay with me forever. Before going abroad, I took a semester long study abroad preparation seminar. A&M advisors walked us through the study abroad timeline, telling us about program options, funding opportunities, and even the passport application process. They were there to guide me through each step and help determine what would be best for me. These new cultural perspectives allowed me to develop personally and professionally and inspire me to stay in Europe after my program ended to explore more sustainable communities. I know I’ll be able to use what I learned to benefit communities in my future career. I’m very thankful A&M gave me the push I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and study abroad. That’s all from me, back to you, Alex.

Thank you so much for telling us about your journey to Europe Kaitlyn. What an interesting way to learn about sustainable development and earn college credit. It sounds like you were set up for success with the way your advisors help prepare you for international travel.

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