Tools for Success

Segment #5 from Texas A&M University


Many students choose to attend Texas A&M because of a family connection to the university. However, 25% of aggies on campus are first generation college students. Javier is a mechanical engineering major from Mexico. He’s gonna talk to us about how A&M resources helped him find academic and personal success as a first generation college student.

Thanks Alex. Howdy everyone. As the first in my family to go to college, choosing a right place for my education was a decision I didn’t make lightly. I wanted wanted somewhere my voice would be heard and my studies would be both enriching and challenging. Texas A&M embodies these characteristics I desperately long for. First year student experience and success are some of Texas A&M’s priorities, ensuring all their first year students enroll in an introductory course called Hullabaloo U. Hullabaloo U is designed to help first year students achieve their goals, encourage a sense of belonging, learn about and utilize campus resources. I was able to be a part of a class with other first generation college students, which allowed me to connect with those from similar backgrounds to mine and discover a multitude of resources and opportunities throughout campus. My experience during Hullabaloo U was so enjoyable, I decided to become a peer mentor for the course as an upperclassman and help guide future freshmen as they begin their college education. As part of a rigorous academic experience, I was admitted to the university’s engineering honors program. This program challenged me in my courses by assigning me additional projects that expand on class material and topics, helping me better understand what I learned throughout the semester. I immersed myself in these organizations and found diverse opportunities to engage in academia, ultimately helping me obtain an internship this past summer with HEB, one of Texas largest grocery companies. Texas A&M has prepared me to be successful in and out of the classroom in manners I could have never expected. I plan on gaining more valuable workforce experience before graduation to be better prepared for the challenges that are yet to come after my time at Texas A&M. Thanks and gig ’em.

Thanks, Javier. It sounds like you’re getting a tailormade experience at A&M with resources like Hullabaloo U, the Math Learning Center, the LGBTQ plus Pride Center, and others across campus. Texas A&M is committed to ensuring every student is successful and has a meaningful college experience.

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