Campus Spaces and Places

Segment #6 from Texas A&M University


Sima is a sophomore majoring in biomedical engineering and she’s gonna tell us about some of the best spots in Aggieland. Texas A&M is a massive campus, 5,200 acres big enough big enough to accommodate a large student body, plus the faculty and staff that supports the university. Sima, we can’t wait, will you tell us more?

Thanks Alex. Howdy everybody. When I first came to Texas A&M, I did not expect to fall in love with the campus as much as I did. This 5,200 acre college campus has stunning landscapes with something for everyone. One of my favorites is The Gardens, a live classroom and laboratory setting for students and visitors alike showcasing various horticulture disciplines to connect with the outdoors. It is the perfect place for busy students to study . The gardens also connect main campus to the George H.W Bush Presidential Library, the 41st President’s final resting place. This library is a museum that preserves and displays the records of the president’s life. Although not an Aggie himself, president Bush fell in love with the spirit of Aggieland. When touring, I walk through all exhibits of President Bush’s life, from childhood until retirement. Pushing library and archives has exclusive collections from historical artifacts and primary sources, to the “Game of Thrones” sword collection. There’s even an on-campus ice cream parlor. What more could you ask for? The beauty of Texas A&M’s campus contributes to a sense of community and belonging. These attractions allow for students to always have new places to discover on campus. This provides me with various environments to study, mingle and exercise, which positively impacts my academics and social life. I hope to continue exploring campus and growing my connection to my university. Texas A&M is not just a place I go to class, it is somewhere I call home. That’s all for me. Alex, back to you.

Sima, thanks for identifying those great spaces across campus. There’s so much to explore here and so many amenities that students can utilize and enjoy. I’m personally enjoying the ice cream shop in the middle of Aggie Park. Just make sure when you’re on campus to swing by and ask for extra sprinkles. 

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