Segment #9 from Weber State University


Elaine is the first graduate of Weber’s brand new master’s program in systems engineering. She’s already working on next level defense projects but this degree opens more doors in a high paying field. In fact, many of Weber’s engineering programs are designed to meet needs in the aerospace defense industry, which is exactly where Elaine has excelled. Elaine, take it away.


– Hey, Alex. Let’s get our gears turning and talk about engineering. Growing up in Northern California, I spent a lot of time in the garage with my dad. I learned at a young age that if we could think it, we could bring it to life using tools and scrap metal. One fall break, I visited my brother at Weber State University. I took a tour of the engineering building and instantly knew that this was the school for me. The faculty are so committed and really welcome you with open arms. I’ve always felt like I was part of a tight-knit family. Weber State collaborates with Hill Air Force Base located just down the road. This has given me solid training and hands-on experience and it’s even launched me into a successful career in the aerospace and defense sector. I got to work on real-world projects that challenged me to grow as an engineer. My undergraduate internship with defense and aerospace innovator, Northrop Grumman, actually turned into my first full-time job as a manufacturing engineer. I now work as a customer advisor for the Air Force. I help to ensure that all the needs and requirements are being fulfilled on the next generation nuclear missile. My involvement at Weber State really honed my leadership skills, like my time in the Student Senate Society of Women Engineers and as a resident assistant in campus housing. These experiences equipped me with the confidence and ability to take on more leadership roles in my professional career. I’m about to take my next step as the first graduate of Weber’s new master of Science and Systems engineering program Weber State ignited my passion for engineering. My goal is to share that with others, particularly women as I continue to grow in this exciting field. Back to you, Alex.


– Elaine, it’s amazing to see that the skills you started practicing with your dad and honed at Weber have taken you so far. All the best as you continue the challenge of making America’s defense nuclear missile system sustainable for the next 70 years. It sounds like you’ve got a lifetime of important work ahead.

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