Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Segment #13 from University of Missouri


Let’s meet Michelle, a senior majoring in textile and apparel management while minoring in business. Michelle is gonna tell us how she’s been able to harness an array of entrepreneurial opportunities at Mizzou to launch her own company, and about some of the resources, classes, and groups that help Mizzou business students stand out. Let’s go, Michelle.

Thanks, Alex. Hi everybody. Growing up, I always loved art and clothes, which is why I chose to study fashion and business at the University of Missouri. As a proud first generation college student, Mizzou has shown me how to combine my interests and start a business while still taking classes. I launched Allter LLC my sophomore year. Allter’s a service that recommends a size for you when you online shop. I originally had the idea prior to college, but I didn’t feel confident enough to pursue it and had no idea where to start. After taking entrepreneurship mindset at the Trulaske College of Business, I found the confidence I needed to enter my first pitch competition. Since then, I’ve developed a business plan and hired other students to help me. Tigers interested in entrepreneurship at Mizzou have a variety of options to get their own ideas off the ground. There are also clubs like Mizzou CEO and Women In New Ventures that will help students network, learn, and grow. Beyond my own startup, I’ve conducted research on adaptive apparel, studying whether trend forecasting provides insight into adaptive trends for people with limited mobility. Another great moment in my college career came when I got to spend a summer abroad with a business and fashion internship in Milan, Italy. I analyzed forecasting trends and how to apply them into future collections. It definitely put all my analytical and creative skill sets to the test. My biggest piece of advice is follow your gut. Have an idea, go for it, and don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way because Mizzou is always here to help you succeed. Back to you, Alex.

Michelle, thank you. Mizzou connects entrepreneurial-minded students with so many resources including pitch competitions, business incubators, networking events, and funding opportunities to kickstart their ventures. All it takes is an idea, and Mizzou can help you make it real. Great stuff, Michelle. 

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