Entrepreneurship Meets Engineering

Segment #11 from Texas A&M University


Texas A&M knows that its students might have interests that spam beyond their career field. Reham is about to graduate with her degree in industrial distribution and has passions beyond just that. Organizations and different student services equip students to explore these passions outside of their degree plans. Tell us more, Reham.

Thank you, Alex. Howdy. I’m gonna miss saying that when I graduate. Growing up, I moved around a lot. I spent my childhood traveling overseas due to my dad’s job in the oil business, which gave me my love for engineering. As a kid, I used to do soccer camps at Texas A&M University, and I knew I always wanted to be an Aggie. Being here was a huge culture shift for me. Now as a senior, I’m so grateful to be here. Back in my home country, in Egypt, there would be a crowd full of students at each lab station. At A&M, it’s very hands-on and personal. It’s so crazy to think how far I’ve come. Being a first generation student opened up so many doors for my future. I’ve made connections between my academic interests, studying industrial distribution, a combination of business and STEM, and my love for entrepreneurship with the McFerrin Center. The Texas A&M University McFerrin Center of Entrepreneurship offers many organizations and lecture series like Entrepreneurs Exposed, where Aggie entrepreneurs answer questions about business creation and processes with current students. They also offer events that we can attend to see alumni who started their own businesses. Whatever major you choose, you won’t just learn about it at Texas A&M University, you can explore interests outside your field of study that inspire you to pursue passions. Pairing our Aggie core values and the invaluable professional skills I’m learning, I feel prepared for my career after graduation. I wake up every day wanting to be my best version of myself. Like the McFerrin Center motto states, “We are what we think, therefore think excellence.” That’s my story. Back to you, Alex.

Thank you, Reham. It’s so interesting that you were able to pursue business and engineering during your time at Texas A&M. I love the McFerrin Center motto, “We are what we think, therefore think excellence.” Feel like a lot of Aggies practice that philosophy.

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