Giving Back

Segment #10 from Texas A&M University


With more than 1100 on-campus student organizations, every student at Texas A&M has the opportunity to find their community. Isaiah is a junior double majoring in business and finance. He took steps to connect with other Aggies by joining a few clubs. Student organizations are founded on career interests, hobbies, service initiatives, cultural ties, social connections, and much more. Isaiah, please take it away.

Thanks Alex, and howdy y’all. When I was first choosing a college, I knew that Texas A&M was a great university academically, but it wasn’t until I got here in the fall that I really saw how this huge school could have such a strong community with a rich culture. Once I found which student organizations on campus were right for me, I was able to push myself outta my comfort zone to meet people and make friends. At A&M, there were 20 freshman leadership organizations where first year students can instantly find a community and develop skills that will prepare them for the rest of college and their career. I’ve also been heavily involved in the business honors community, and through that I’ve gotten the opportunity to go to different conferences and case competitions around the country. Innovation and creativity are encouraged students here, and even some of my good friends have started their own COVID-19 task force where they provided pro bono consulting services for small businesses reeling from the pandemic. In so many parts of Texas A&M’s culture, you see our core value of selfless service coming through. One huge way that we show that is by giving back to the community each year through The Big Event. Big Event is the largest one day student run community service project in the country. On a Saturday in March, you’ll see tens of thousands of students get together and paint houses, plant trees, build decks, or simply lend a hand to local residents. Projects like this have shown me what being an Ag is all about. Texas A&M has certainly got a place for everyone. I’ve been able to get plugged in and personally develop a ton throughout my time in college, all while building relationships that’ll last a lifetime. Back to you, Alex.

Thank you, Isaiah. It sounds like you’ve really found your people. This was the 40th anniversary of The Big Event, and other schools across the country have adopted it as well. Aggies really like to create things that make a positive impact on society and their communities. Thanks again.

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