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Segment #3 from Susquehanna University


 You all are gonna love this next segment! Let’s hear from Claire, a senior management major with a minor in Italian studies who transferred to Susquehanna because of its promise of global opportunities. You’ll hear how Susquehanna made Claire’s dream a reality by removing obstacles so she could fully immerse herself in another country learning its language and its culture. We’re all ears Claire, take it away.

Ciao tutti, and thanks Alex. Although I grew up in a small rural town, I always had the desire to travel and explore the world. When looking at schools to transfer to after two years of community college, I knew that I wanted to be somewhere that would create global opportunities for me. At Susquehanna, all students spend some time away from campus during summer or winter breaks or a whole semester. Studying, interning, conducting research, or volunteering. More than 95% of students do so in a different country. While I was excited about the thought of international travel, I was also nervous about studying another language. When I selected Italy for my global opportunities trip, I had no idea that studying Italian would be one of my passions. In Italy, I lived with a wonderful host family who was eager to share their beautiful language and culture with me, and I made some of the best memories of my life. Susquehanna prepares us for a study away experience through a prep course, and we take another class after we return, so we’re able to reflect on and appreciate how our perception of the world has changed or remained the same. In addition to studying Italian in Italy, I also completed an international internship with an environmental nonprofit based out of London thanks to the help of Susquehanna’s Sigmund Weis’ School of Business. All students in the business school are guaranteed an international internship to help better prepare us for the global world that we live in. My chapter at Susquehanna will soon close, and while the thought of it makes me a little sad, I know that what I have gained here on campus in Selinsgrove and abroad has prepared me to enter the global workforce with confidence and humility. Back to you, Alex.

Wow, Claire, you’ve gained so much by transferring to Susquehanna. You took courses, completed an internship, and became fluent in a second language. Only one in 10 U.S. college students study away, but at Susquehanna, all students do. Now many students like Claire also add in an internship, research, or volunteer experience. Truly incredible. This is gonna be great! 

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