Extraordinary Connections

Segment #2 from Susquehanna University


Let’s get ready to meet Craig, a junior majoring in computer science. Craig says he was curious about cryptocurrency. His coaches introduced him to faculty in the business school and before long, Craig was backed, by the Dean, to start a club about digital currency. He is also the inspiration for Susquehanna’s new financial technology course. Tell us more, Craig.

Thanks, Alex. What’s up everybody? What brought me to Susquehanna was the opportunity to play college football while getting a great education at a place that feels just like home. I come from an amazing family that always pushed me to work hard and maximize every opportunity; and my S.U. family has really been no different. What I love most about being a River Hawk, is our community of students, faculty, and alumni who celebrate each other’s creativity and push each other to accomplish our biggest goals. We also have an amazing athletics department with 23 NCAA teams and a career development center that prepares students for our next great adventure after S.U. Clubs, football, and supportive faculty have definitely been a unique part of my experience here at S.U. They helped me turn my passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into CryptoHawks. CryptoHawks is a club that creates an inclusive space for students to research and discuss cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and blockchain. We host discussions, guest speakers, and workshops to help students learn more about Web3. My football coach helped me connect with the faculty who now support the club, and by working with the Career development center, I gained the confidence to network with Susquehanna alumni who work in the crypto industry. With five faculty advisors, 50 plus members, and the introduction of crypto course offered to students. CryptoHawks really speaks to the special community that is S.U. Choosing S.U. has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and my experiences here have definitely prepared me for life after college. Being a River Hawk has taught me the power of community and collaboration and the benefits of pursuing what drives you. Thanks for hanging out with me, guys. Back to you, Alex.

¬†Craig, your pursuit of knowledge in a new area is inspiring, and your story highlights how the community supports one another, leading to collaboration, creativity, and innovation. You’re tapping into the incredibly valuable River Hawk alumni network and it sounds like the CryptoHawks club is already a major return on investment. Thanks again for that.

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