Segment #8 from Northwest Florida State College


Let’s head over to meet Ariana and Andrew, two high school seniors who have a lot to share about extracurricular activities here on campus. Students at the Collegiate High School can participate in any program or club at NWFSC. Talk about a unique environment. Tell us more about what both of you are up to here on campus.

– Hey, Alex. It’s great to be here with you. For me and my family, education has always been a top priority for us. That’s why when I heard about Collegiate High School, I knew I had to apply. At CHS, I’m able to enjoy the high school experience while also getting the perks of being a college student. I’m able to fully immerse myself in the wide variety of extracurriculars on campus, including the Radical Raiders robotics team, the Speech and Debate team, and Spanish club. I make my own schedule, take classes with college professors, pursue hobbies and passions in class and in clubs. Northwest Florida State College offers the optimal out-of-class experience, with extracurriculars ranging from going and watching a performance at the Mattie Kelly Arts Center to seeing our eSports team prepare for competition on the flight deck. Ari, take it from here.

– Thanks, Andrew. As a military child, I’ve attended a lot of different schools, and Northwest Florida State College is the perfect fit for me. The college offers so many opportunities, both inside and outside of the college, and the dual enrollment program allows me to further my education while exploring future career choices. Along with that, the CHS Capstone program allows me to explore my future career choices ahead of other students. I love getting involved in extracurriculars at the school. And at the college, there are so many options. I’m a captain and head of programming for the Radical Raiders robotics team, and it’s a great experience to learn all of the mechanics of a robot and compete at different levels. Out of all the schools that I’ve attended, Collegiate High School and Northwest Florida State College have stood out among the rest. High schoolers, if you’re looking to jumpstart your college life, then NWFSC is the place to be. That’s all.

– Back to you, Alex.

– Thank you for sharing your experiences, Arianna and Andrew. And how cool were those robots? Not only do students from CHS get a high school diploma, but they also receive an associate degree from NWFSC. You both will have a great jump start on your careers. Thanks again.

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