Faculty Support / College Experience with Hadley

Segment #1 from Old Dominion University


Let’s meet Hadley. After moving around a lot as a kid in a military family, Hadley was excited to make ODU her new home. But when her parents moved out of the state, she faced some unexpected feelings and challenges. She’s gonna tell us how ODU’s Counseling Services got her the mental health support she needed and encouraged her to become more involved on campus. You’re up, Hadley.

– Thanks, Alex. Howdy, friends. As a military affiliated student, I moved around a lot growing up. So when my college search began, finding a school that felt like home was a top priority. The moment I stepped foot on ODU’s campus, I knew I’d found my new home away from home right here at the beach. Immediately, I set out to create my own experiences here on campus. I joined the Monarch Marching Band, joined an honor service fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi, and got really involved in activities. I loved being on campus, but I also loved being close to my family. Then, they moved out of state. I faced unexpected challenges, like living in my first apartment and traveling alone for the holidays. I got really overwhelmed, so I reached out to Counseling Services. They helped me find an off-campus therapist and also assisted me in finding other ways to get engaged with my ODU community. Then, I saw an opening to be a campus ambassador. I applied and I got the job. Working in the office has really helped with my confidence and it allows me to share my passion for ODU with future Monarchs. The assistant directors have really encouraged us to be ourselves and they let us incorporate our stories in the work that we do. I started as a student director but now serve as the special events intern. My ambassador family has made my college experience so much better. Being at a school that cares for its students has been amazing. I’ve grown personally and professionally in ways I never could’ve imagined. The office has really inspired my passion in higher education. From here, I’d love to pursue grad school for higher ed and use my degree to create meaningful events. I look forward to assisting future students of all kinds to find their own home away from home. Back to you, Alex and Go Monarchs!

– Thanks, Hadley. It’s understandable that college can feel overwhelming when you’re away from your family for the first time. But it’s so great to hear that ODU helped you not only overcome these challenges but also be an inspiration for future Monarchs, thanks again.

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