Military Support with Irv

Segment #2 from Old Dominion University


All right, everyone, let’s meet Irv. Like many ODU students, Irv has a connection to the US military. After suffering a service-related injury, ODU’s Military Connection Center gave him the resources he needed to succeed, like counseling, peer advising and more. Irv, you’re on.

– Having been raised by an immigrant family escaping a civil war and poverty, the ideas of… were instilled daily to make sure that I took advantage of all of the opportunities available to me. I was brought to Hampton Roads to receive care at the Naval Hospital after suffering a service-connected traumatic brain injury. After being medically separated from the military, I decided to go back to school. Having lived in every corner of the country through my service in the US Coast Guard, I’ve often felt out of place. ODU is different. It feels like home. The Military Connection Center here helps military affiliated people including disabled veterans by referring us to counseling, peer advising, VA benefits assistance and other resources. ODU has a special tuition rate for active duty which along with other government grants and aid makes it possible for me to study without going into any debt. There are a ton of online and evening classes so I can continue working full-time and keep up with all my medical care. ODU’s many clubs and activities bring together people from all parts of the world. By volunteering with international students, using the rec center, acting in my first theater production and participating with the Student Veterans of America, ODU has given me the chance to feel at home despite being over 2,000 miles away. I’ve made friends with others who have also left their homes in order to secure a better future for themselves and their loved ones. ODU’s diversity and commitment to assisting student veterans has allowed me to continue pursuing a medical education and career. I’m very grateful to be able to share my story and hope that I can reach those who may be facing similar challenges. Back to you, Alex, ciao.

– Wow, thank you for sharing your story, Irv. It’s so great that ODU helped you balance your medical recovery while finishing your degree. We’re all wishing you the best in your future and thanks again.

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