Gateway to Natural Wonders with Logan

Segment #6 from Western New Mexico University


Let me introduce you to Logan, a freshman studying zoology here at WNMU. To him, the Gila National Forest is about a lot more than outdoor adventuring. Both, in and out of the classroom, students have the opportunity to make amazing discoveries, both, big and small. Tell us all about it, Logan.

– Thanks, Alex. Greetings, everyone. I’ve always had a fascination with nature and insects, so, I’ve decided to study zoology to become an entomologist. I love discovering the beauty of nature in small animals people might not notice. Now, I have the chance to continue exploring nature here at Western New Mexico University. Western New Mexico University offers the only zoology program in New Mexico. Students here have opportunities to conduct field research in the vast Gila National Forest. And we’re guided by our professors who not only share their knowledge but serve as mentors. In addition, our location allows us access to picturesque places to unwind in the surrounding area. I love venturing outdoors on nice days, taking stunning pictures of plants and animals to gaze into their world. It’s experiences like these, that will help humanity understand the need to protect and serve nature. I’m also extremely passionate about the climate, so it’s exciting and reassuring to see Western New Mexico University take steps to contribute to global change by reducing waste and their carbon footprint. Reusable meal containers and cups ensure less plastic is thrown away. And the campus doesn’t intrude upon the wildlife of the Gila National Forest, but rather, brings nature to us and allows us to live with it. Fully taking in nature at WNMU allows me to connect to my studies on a deeper level and to interact with those around me in a more positive light. One day, I shall use the skills I’ve learned at Western New Mexico University to help create a healthier world and to help serve the future of humanity, nature, and our survival. Helping future generations see as much or maybe even more beauty as you have in your life is one of the best marks you can make. Passing that wisdom and inspiration onto you, Alex.

– Thank you, Logan. Those are fantastic words of wisdom. We love seeing how WNMU is working so hard to be a good steward to the natural environment through its sustainability efforts and enforcing environmental awareness within the student body. It’s inspiring to see the University taking action towards a carbon neutral future. Thanks again, Logan.

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