Providing Care, On and Off Campus with Megan

Segment #7 from Western New Mexico University


Let’s catch up with Megan, a nursing student who’s already earned a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. Now, she’s pursuing a second degree while working on campus. That is impressive. There is no one better to shed light on WNMU’s commitment to student success, both, in and out of the classroom. Let’s hear it, Megan.

– Thanks Alex, and welcome everyone. I was searching for a university that had it all. As a volleyball player with an interest in the medical field yet no clear direction, I was searching for a university that would allow me to compete in college athletics while still pursuing my growing interest in nursing. I wasn’t sure if I could find a place to call home that would check all my boxes. Little did I know my future home was right here at Western New Mexico University and only three hours away from my family and my hometown of El Paso, Texas. At WNMU, I’ve made lifelong friends combined with countless opportunities to achieve my dreams. Nursing school has been no easy journey. One of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects is our clinical simulation class. Here we’re tasked with simulated medical scenarios that mimic real world clinical situations, allowing us to apply our critical thinking to the patient’s bedside while preparing us for future nursing careers. My motto is to treat every patient as if they’re family, because at WNMU, every person has treated me as if I’m family. I’ve met and collaborated with the most amazing people on campus who have given me opportunities to achieve my dreams. You can always catch me at the Technology Resource Center. I’ve spent thousands of hours here accessing resources such as computer technology, printing services, study rooms, and even tutoring support in an environment that’s built for collaboration. You can really see the investment WNMU has made into its campus resources, which directly translates towards investing into the success of students both, on and off campus. Choosing nursing has been an amazing decision for me. For whatever major you choose, at Western New Mexico University, you won’t just learn about it, you’ll actually get experience doing it. Well, that’s my story. Back to you, Alex.

– Megan, that sounds incredible. It’s clear that WNMU support students’ goals and exposes future nurses to real world challenges in state-of-the-art nursing labs. Students really do get access to the tools they need to chase their dreams, and that is awesome. Well, done Megan.

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