Health Sciences Programs with Giovanni

Segment #4 from Collin College


Let’s hear from Giovanni over on the McKinney Campus. Opening back in 1985 as the first and original Collin College campus, the McKinney Campus is now home to several of the health sciences programs offered at the college and are shaping the future leaders in healthcare. Giovanni, tell us all about your experiences at the McKinney Campus.

– Muchas gracias, Alex. As a child of two medical professionals, a career in medicine was almost certain for me. I look up to my parents very much and wanted to make a difference as they did, but hopefully take it even further. I started off as a dual credit student in high school and upon graduation, I realized that the Collin College path was right for me. I never really intended to travel far for college and growing up in Plano, man, I had a very affordable and fast growing school in my neighborhood. Collin College offers many health science programs such as respiratory care, ultrasound, sleep tech, surgical tech, and many more. The respiratory program here at Collin College is nationally known as one of the best programs in North Texas. As a student of this program, I have not only been able to learn the exact skills I need to do my career, but utilize them in hospitals with hands-on experience as a clinical student. Respiratory therapy is an underappreciated and understaffed career, but with programs like the one here at Collin growing, hopefully soon, we can change that. The laid back, comfortable campuses of Collin College make it easy to learn and get your work done by providing ample resources and an inviting student life. Collin College has been serving its communities for over 30 years and has allowed countless students like me to achieve their academic goals without having to compromise their living or financial situation. The acclaim that Collin College had in the healthcare professions made me confident in my future. Upon graduation, I plan to work in the field and gain experience that can hopefully lead me to teach the next generation of respiratory students. Back to you, Alex.

– The Respiratory Care Program is proud to be among the few programs in the state that’s continuously awarded for their successful Registered Respiratory Therapist credentialing. In fact, they’ve received the Distinguished Recognition for 11 consecutive years. Giovanni, we know you’ll be the change you wanna see in the field of respiratory care. Thanks again.

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