Human Impact

Segment #6 from California State University, San Bernardino


When first generation student Joshua arrived on campus, he wasn’t sure, at first, of available resources, where to find community and how to make an impact. Let’s move to a campus landmark, Wild Song, where it’s tradition to rub the Coyote’s paw for good luck before exams. Take it away, Joshua.


– Thanks, Alex, hi, everyone. As a first generation and transfer college student, I struggled to figure out what was meant for me. But here at CSUSB, I found my home. After researching the different college institutions online for communication studies, I realized that media studies was the perfect fit for me. It’s the human impact here at CSUSB that really stuck out. It’s what inspired me to get involved on campus. I first started as an orientation leader, helping hundreds of new students go through the same process that I did. Hopefully, you will too, when you join the pack, because that’s the Coyote way. Through my time on campus, I learned about the LGBTQ+ Faculty, Staff and Student Association, where I began serving as communications chair to help coordinate events. Through these incredible experiences, I created an Instagram effect to help people feel connected to the Coyote spirit here at CSUSB. These are some of the opportunities that I got involved in, but much more exist for a variety of interests that you can find a place to belong in. There are so many great resources and amazing people to help to support the success of students on campus. So just a few, Coyote Connection is a one-stop portal for student interests and events. The annual Coyote Cares Day is when the campus comes together through acts of service to give back to the community. And there are Affinity Centers where everyone from all walks of life are welcomed. From my time here at CSUSB, I found a school that embraces diversity and encourages me to be myself. I’m confident that my education and experience will help me define my future and continue to give back to my community. That’s all for me. Back to you, Alex.


– Wow, Joshua, it didn’t take you long to make an impact here on campus. There are literally hundreds of volunteer opportunities, on campus and in the community, that meet the diverse interests of CSUSB students. And as Joshua’s story illustrates, you’ll learn strategies for making an impact by taking on leadership, networking and support, and social connection opportunities. That was great, take care.

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