Intellectual Inquiry Curriculum with Allison

Segment #6 from Roanoke College


All right, y’all, it’s time to meet Allison. A current freshman majoring in public health and sociology from Alexandria, Virginia. Roanoke prides itself in its commitment for students to not only thrive in a professional environment, but also build a life with meaning and purpose. One of the many ways they accomplish this is through their innovative core curriculum. Tell us more, Allison.

– Thanks, Alex. Welcome to Roanoke. When I started my college search, I knew I wanted a small school with big opportunities, but finding that school was a little harder than I thought. When my senior year happened, an admission counselor from Roanoke came to visit my school and invited me for a campus tour, and that’s how I found my perfect match. From my first visit, I was so excited about the opportunities, from orientation and welcome week, I learned so much more about campus and what activities I could be involved in. My first big activity was becoming a research assistant for my public health professor researching type one diabetes. Last semester, our theater department put on the musical “Cabaret” and it was so much fun to be a part of. Around campus, I’m also a tour guide and I’m involved in several different clubs. Even though I knew about activities I wanted to do, I wasn’t quite sure about my major, so my summer advisor put me in some classes based on my interests, like sociology and public health. In addition, our Intellectual Inquiry Curriculum or INQs helped me to decide what subjects I was interested in. Our INQs are required courses covering various different fields like lab science, history, and math. They’re also relatable to many different fields. For example, last semester I took a class on adolescent health, which taught me that I really like public health, and now I’m a double major in public health and sociology. INQs are a fantastic way to take more classes in your major or try something new. When I first arrived here, I had no idea I’d find so many opportunities while making such great memories. Roanoke is truly the place where you can find your purpose and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next three years. Back to you, Alex.

– Allison, thank you for sharing your story on how the innovative curriculum at Roanoke helped you find a meaningful major. This unique curriculum certainly helps students develop the skills that will make the most difference in their lives after college, work life included. We can’t wait to see your path to success. Thanks again, Allison.

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