Outdoor Adventures and the Roanoke Valley with Pierce

Segment #5 from Roanoke College


Buckle up y’all, here is Pierce, a current sophomore majoring in mathematics. Like all Roanoke College students, Pierce has taken advantage of the multiple outdoor adventure opportunities Roanoke has to offer. With the Blue Ridge Mountains all around the campus, how can you not love these views? Pierce, please show us more.

– Thank you for the introduction, Alex. My college search started with touring the biggest Virginia State universities. It wasn’t until I played my last high school volleyball game before I discovered Roanoke College. It didn’t take long after that to know that Roanoke was the place for me. Being a part of the new men’s volleyball team was a massive draw. I was part of leading the charge in the program’s first year. The view from the Cregger Center with the curtain open is unlike any other view in the nation. Practices and game days have never looked so good. I’ve also gotten involved with our campus recreation department, Rooney Rec, which includes our fitness center, outdoor adventures, and intramural sports. I work as a supervisor for intramural sports where I plan and participate in some awesome programs. We recently hosted a pickleball tournament for students and had a ton of fun with floor hockey and bash gym. As a varsity athlete, it’s great to be competitive with new and unique activities. It’s also great to find a community with folks through sports, be it one that you’ve always loved or are totally new at. I also join in on outdoor adventurous activities often. Recently, they’ve gone caving, hiked to Apple Orchard Falls, and went indoor climbing at our local climbing gym. Living in the Roanoke Valley means there’s plenty of opportunity to hike the Appalachian Trail, explore the Roanoke River, and even see the Valley from the Roanoke Star. Learning here at Roanoke College has inspired me to take on new challenges and get outta my comfort zone. The Roanoke Valley is waiting to be explored. I’m now ready for anything on the court, in the classroom or in the world. Back to you, Alex.

– That was fantastic, Pierce. Thank you for sharing your involvement with outdoor adventures and showing us this beautiful location that fosters transformational learning and fun through outdoor experiences. Your story emphasizes that the connection to a border community provides these valuable opportunities without having to go far. Take care, Pierce.

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