Leading On and Off the Court with Mahalia

Segment #3 from University of North Florida


Let’s welcome Mahalia, a graduate student at UNF, who is also a standout student athlete and a leader on campus. She was recognized nationally among collegiate women in sports as a Honda Inspiration Award winner. When you hear her story, you’ll understand why she’s already a star on and off the court. Mahalia, you are up.

– Thank you, Alex. Last year, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in California with two years of NCA eligibility left. I wanted to find a master’s program that fit my career interest and an athletic department that has a history of success. Now I’m on the opposite coast here at UNF, playing volleyball, which is one of 19 athletic teams that competes at the Division-I level in the ASUN Conference. As Ospreys, our athletic department strives for excellence in all aspects. We have beautiful facilities, including the newly renovated UNF Arena where you can catch a basketball game, or our home volleyball matches. No matter the sport, the energy is unstoppable. My favorite part of every home match, is seeing everyone hold up one finger during set points and doing our swoop clap at the end of the game before we run out into the stands. Our athletic department is built like a family and the Student-Athlete Center for Excellence, is where we often connect. It’s where we can find weekly check-ins, academic advising, tutoring help and support during intense travel periods. My favorite part is study hall where I can focus on my communication management courses. Thanks to the center and its staff, our overall department GPA has remained well over 3.0, including our volleyball team having a 3.69 GPA. Looking for more sports action? Jacksonville and North Florida are home to the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, the PGA Tour and lots more. My involvement at UNF Athletics has given me opportunities to compete at high levels. It’s also led to leadership opportunities. I even served as the master of ceremonies for our president’s inauguration. After I finish my degree, I look forward to taking the things I learned at UNF to work in athletic leadership and do motivational speaking. Passing it back to you, Alex.

– Mahalia, as a former college athlete myself, I understand the discipline and dedication it takes to do what you are doing. Fantastic job and thank you for sharing your story.

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