The Great Outdoors with Hadley

Segment #4 from University of North Florida


Hadley is a sophomore study communication, while working with UNF’s outdoor program. Not only is UNF just 10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, the campus itself provides the ideal backdrop for learning, relaxing and adventure. Whether conducting wetlands research, or studying various species, the 382-acre Sawmill Slough Preserve on campus, is a living-learning lab used across disciplines. We can’t wait to hear more, Hadley. Take it away.

– Thanks, Alex. Hey, y’all. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved getting outside and going on adventures. When I first visited UNF and saw its gorgeous landscaping and its very own nature preserve, I knew it was the place for me. It just felt like home. Nothing brings me more joy than getting out in nature. Going to UNF allows me to explore the outdoors without even leaving campus. I work at Eco Adventure, UNF’s outdoor program, which is home to five miles of nature trails, exciting adventure courses and the beautiful Lake Oneida. Eco Adventure also hosts several adventure trips throughout the year from skiing to whitewater rafting. Over spring break, we went camping out west and went to four national parks, including the Grand Canyon. I made new friends and fell even more in love with the outdoors. I can’t wait to go on future trips with Eco. Our recreation facilities at UNF offer something for everyone. The incredible Student Wellness Complex, features a rock-climbing wall, running track and fitness center. Most of the time though, you’ll find me outdoors, whether it’s walking on beautiful boardwalks back to your dorm, or renting out free camping equipment, paddleboards and kayaks from Eco Adventure, it’s hard to get bored. There’s even a zip-line and challenge course, or you can get your hands dirty at Ogier Gardens where some of the vegetables and herbs are used in our Osprey Cafe. Students can also adopt a bed and grow their own food, while enjoying the Florida sunshine. Going to a university with so many outdoor activities, gives me the opportunity to find everyday adventure. Next, I hope to manage social media for a company that also loves the outdoors. But for now, it’s time for me to take a hike. Back to you, Alex.

– Hadley, no wonder you love UNF. It sounds like a perfect place for anyone wanting to enjoy the Florida sun in such a unique setting. Thank you for sharing your story.

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