Limitless Potential with Emma

Segment #10 from Florida Tech


Okay, everyone, let’s head over to the Gleason Performing Arts Center to hear from Emma, a senior who embodies the idea that whatever you want to do, you can make it happen at Florida Tech. She’s taken all of her interests, computers, space, literature, music, and theater, and turned them into an absolutely extraordinary educational experience. Folks, meet the amazing Emma.

– Thank you, Alex. I discovered a variety of interests at a young age, aerospace engineering, a direct result of “SpaceCamp,” computer science, literature, and theater. So when I was looking for a university, I had a very long and specific checklist, but Florida Tech checked every box for me. Now, I’m an aerospace engineering and computer science double major with a minor in literature. I have a singing scholarship through Florida Tech’s Music Program, and I’m entering my second year as the president of College Players, the student-led theater group. During my time here, I’ve had a blast producing, performing, and directing a variety of shows. It’s awesome that so many STEM-minded students like me have a place to express their passion for the arts. Florida Tech truly empowers students to pursue both personal and academic interests. In the same day, I can go from academic research with one of my faculty mentors to building personal connections with our amazing alumni through my job at the Office of Advancement, to rehearsing for a musical in the company of my talented friends. A big part of every semester is figuring out how to balance everything, but my professors and advisors have always supported my interests and helped me to be successful. I’m not the only student with this experience, either. I know many other students who want to do it all at Florida Tech, and for students like us, having the support of faculty and staff truly makes all the difference. It’s always exciting to find new opportunities to learn, make new friends, and prepare for the future. I’m excited to see what my final years at Florida Tech have in store. That’s all for me, Alex. Take it away.

– Simply inspiring, Emma. Wow, I already knew that Florida Tech encourages students to reach for the stars, but I didn’t know that meant you could reach for so many stars at once. Your dedication and drive are truly admirable. Emma, I am right there with you. I can’t wait to see what your future holds.


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