Business: Striving for Success with Jared

Segment #9 from Florida Tech


It’s time to talk business. And for that, we need Jared, a junior business administration major from Williamsburg, West Virginia. Jared’s one of those students who has a clear vision of his future and understands exactly how his Florida Tech business degree will help him get there, so you’re gonna wanna listen to this one very closely. Over to you, Jared.

– Thanks, Alex. Hey, everyone. During my college search, I looked for a place that provided excellent academics and close connections with professors. I wanted a university where I felt like a person and not a number. And on top of that, it had to have a great business school. That’s where I chose Florida Tech. Since my first day at Florida Tech, I’ve been immersed in courses, from accounting and economics, to marketing and management, that have helped me build a great foundation in business and to gain valuable career experience. I’ve always been fascinated with the theme park business. And this past summer, I got to intern over at Universal Orlando Resort, which are just one hour away from campus. There, I felt like I was truly able to offer actionable value to my team because of the skills and knowledge I gained at Florida Tech. Florida Tech’s commitment to practical learning is embodied by its business faculty who bring a wide range of industry expertise into every classroom. These professors coach students in preparation for activities like case competitions, where we got professional experience pitching ideas to real business leaders. My professors have always been outstanding mentors, supporting me in my chosen field of study and offering crucial support as I work towards my goals. I’ve also learned a lot from my friends and classmates. The collaborative international environment at Florida Tech has introduced me to customs and perceptions from all over the world, helping me to develop essential skills that I know will help me in my career. How do I know I’ve gotten a great education at Florida Tech? I feel 100% prepared for what comes next. What can be better than that? Am I right, Alex?

– Definitely. Jared. The only thing better than feeling prepared is being prepared. And it sounds like you’re going to graduate with a ton of both confidence and confidence. We wish you all the success in the world, Jared, and are sure your Florida Tech business education will help you achieve it. Nice job.

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