Scholar-Athlete Excellence with Carter

Segment #8 from Florida Tech


Go, Panthers! Two words that mean a lot to everyone at Florida Tech, especially its NCAA Division II athletes. Take Carter, for example, a sophomore aerospace engineering student from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Carter also plays for the men’s lacrosse team. It’s a rigorous combination, to be sure, but in true scholar athlete fashion, Carter’s making it happen. Tell us more, Carter.

– Thanks, Alex. Hey, everyone. It was always my dream to play collegiate lacrosse, and from a young age, I always knew I wanted to study aerospace engineering. I realized that dream could become reality when I discovered Florida Tech. Here, I’m able to learn and play lacrosse both at a high level. When you’re in the Sunshine State Conference, no matter what sport you play, you’re gonna be going up against some of the best competition the NCAA Division Team has to offer. Pair that with some of the best academics in the state of Florida, and you’ve got the perfect environment for both success in the classroom and on the field. Being a scholar athlete at Florida Tech is extremely rewarding. You’re instantly part of a group of students who are all here for the same reason: to win championships and to earn a top-tier degree. It is the perfect culture to excel in both academics and athletics. Plus, heading to practice at 7:00 AM and watching a rocket launch between drills is something very few other collegiate athletes can say they have done. Playing a collegiate sport teaches you many useful skills that can then be applied to your academics, and few other universities do it like Florida Tech. I thought it would be difficult to manage a major in aerospace engineering while also playing a collegiate sport, but that hasn’t been the case. As long as you stay on top of your work and rely on the support of your friends, teammates, faculty, coaches, and staff, you’ll have no problem making it work. Take it from me. I even had enough time to be in a TV show. Right, Alex?

– Right, Carter. And let me just say, you are killing it. Your dedication to your studies and your team is outstanding, and it’s clear how much the support of your teammates, coaches, and professors means to you. Thanks for reminding every future Panther that rigorous academics and competitive athletics go hand in hand.

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