Marching Band / Chorus – Traditions with Malachi

Segment #10 from Shaw University


Meet Malachi, a junior visual and performing arts major and business minor who has his sights set on greatness in the classroom and on the field. As a chorus member and drum major, Malachi is here to tell us all about the Platinum Sound, Shaw University’s legendary marching band that was also featured in a national commercial. Malachi, take it away.

– Thanks, Desi. Growing up, I always loved the performing arts. Whether it was singing, dancing, acting, or just playing instruments, I enjoyed it all. I never really thought about doing it professionally, but I was just a child trying to make his parents happy. And after losing my mother to COVID, I didn’t think I was ever going to college, but I persevered. I graduated high school early and found Shaw University to be my home away from home. At first, I wasn’t too sure about going to school 10 hours away. But ever since I joined the band and choir, I have made not just friends, but new family members. Becoming a drum major for the Platinum Sound Marching Band has allowed me to deeply experience the rich culture of Shaw University, and it’s more than that. I can be a part of the traditions while being empowered to create my own. I am also a member of the choir, which has helped me to break out of my shell as a musician. I’ve been singing all my life, but being a part of this group also has allowed me to grow as a solo performer. Outside of band and choir, Shaw University’s rich culture, traditions, and small student-to-teacher ratio has helped me develop and build skills needed for my post-college aspirations. I am given so many resources here that I just wouldn’t get from other institutions. Starting my third year in college, I’ve grown not only as a student and musician, but as a leader of tomorrow. The administration and staff here have given me the knowledge, tools, and love to keep striving for greatness. Ain’t nothing better than the first HBCU of the South, Shaw U! Back to you Desi.

– That is a high-stepping and high-energy group of musicians and performers. It just goes to show how like-minded individuals can quickly become friends and family. Malachi, thanks for allowing us to take a look behind the scenes at how the magic comes together.

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