Mentorships with Donovan

Segment #2 from The University of Memphis


Let’s meet Donovan, a Sophomore Marketing major from Maryland. The U of M’s focus on creating opportunities for students to have success both in and out of the classroom has led to some unique opportunities for its students. Tell us all about it, Donovan.

– Thanks, Alex. Hey, everybody. Growing up, I had one goal, get good grades so I could play basketball. Unfortunately, COVID ended my dreams of playing college basketball. But because of my good grades in high school, I was accepted into the University of Memphis. Here at U of M, I have endless opportunities to network, strengthening my career path, and building forever friendships. Many of the organizations I’ve joined have helped me connect with a community of high achievers and mentors with shared goals who are invested in my success. As a marketing major, I have a front row seat to learning how to start a business. Thanks to the courses I’m taking at Fogelman College of Business and Economics, I’m learning so much about entrepreneurship and leadership. They’ve inspired me to launch Grind City Hoops, a media outlet featuring a podcast that gives exposure to aspiring collegiate basketball players and showcases collegiate and professional players, coaches, and staff. Although I’m no longer playing competitively, my basketball media outlook keeps me in the game and leadership skills I learned on the court are being further developed here at Memphis. Grind City Hoops showcases basketball talent and keeps me invested in the game while also building real-world business skills. Memphis offers many opportunities to connect with a community of diverse students through activities like annual Weeks of Welcome, Tiger Leadership Institute, and even informal fun hosted by Residential Advisors. U of M has really become my second home. I’m halfway through my Memphis career, and with the experiences I’ve had in the classroom, in the community, and launching a business, I already feel prepared to boldly pursue my dreams of entrepreneurship and the passion for giving back from the mentorship I’ve received. Throwing it back to you, Alex.

– Donovan, thank you for shedding light on both the entrepreneurial and community-based opportunities offered right here at Memphis. And good luck as you continue to build your amazing podcast. Thanks again.

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