Study Abroad with Liliana

Segment #1 from The University of Memphis


Let’s talk to Liliana, a Junior Nursing major from right here in Memphis, Tennessee. At an early age, Liliana always knew U of M was her choice. U of M gives students an opportunity to see the world with its study abroad program. The various countries to choose from allow students to be adventurous, spread their wings, and experience different cultures. Take it away, Liliana.

– Thanks, Alex. And hey, everyone. I always knew I wanted to be a Memphis Tiger. As the daughter of a professor, my U of M roots run deep. When I was five years old, I dressed up as a ballerina nurse for Halloween. And although I don’t get to wear the scrubs and the tutu at the same time anymore, U of M has provided me with opportunities to pursue both lifelong passions. As a Nursing major and Dance minor, my studies keep me very busy. One of my favorite places on campus is the Tiger Den, the campus dining hall. It’s the perfect place to eat, study, and meet up with friends. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the amazing staff, and it’s always a joy to see their smiling faces. I’m also a bar group fitness instructor right here at the U of M Rec Center. It has been an incredible experience sharing my passion of dance and fitness with the campus community. It’s a way I get to give back to the campus that has poured so much into me. At the University of Memphis, there are hundreds of ways to get involved. One being study abroad. The scholarship and mentorship programs that U of M offers allowed me to sign up for a spring break study abroad trip to Japan. During my time overseas, I embraced new ways of thinking and learned to appreciate the world beyond my world. Through my study abroad experience, the U of M has instilled excitement and inspiration for more adventures. Now, as part of the Loewenberg College of Nursing here at the U of M, I’m learning how to care for the human body. I’m excited to graduate and take that knowledge into the workplace, and after traveling abroad, maybe even another country someday. Back to you, Alex.

– Liliana, thank you for sharing your study abroad experience. It’s so great to know that your time abroad inspired you to potentially pursue serving as a nurse abroad. Your choice to participate in an alternative break experience sounds like it transformed your life, and that is incredible. Thanks again.

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