Nurturing Champions with Janee

Segment #5 from Bowie State University


Let’s meet Janee, a Computer Science Major who knows that Bowie State is a great place to be a student athlete. With 13 sports in the Division II CIAA League, the country’s oldest historically black athletic conference, BSU has dominated with 25 championships since 1989. Plus the CIAA basketball tournament is one of the nation’s premier sporting events. Setting it over to you, Janee.

– Thanks, Desi. Hey, everyone. Growing up, I was always surrounded by sports and athletes, but I didn’t pick up my first volleyball until I was 12. A few of my other friends played and it looked pretty fun, so I decided to join the team. As a captain of my volleyball team at Bowie State, I get to step into a leadership role and be a good role model for my younger teammates. I love that I can bond with a small group of girls over a short period of time. Bowie State has allowed me to make many different connections and I couldn’t be more grateful for the contact that I have now. Being a computer science major has given me access to many different opportunities as the tech world steadily evolves. There’s also a great atmosphere and support system for student athletes, specifically through the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, which allows student athletes to have a voice. Being the Secretary for this group has allowed me the opportunity to hear other athletes and being able to support them is immensely gratifying. Bowie State has an amazing gym that the volleyball, basketball, and cheer teams use. It has a new state-of-the-art basketball court, which was funded by NBA-star and hometown legend Kevin Durant. Our intramural sports, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, lacrosse, and swimming along with fitness programs all use the McKeldin Gym and are open to everyone. Bowie State has taught me that being a student first and an athlete second is the most important thing about playing a collegiate sport. I’m so glad that I have the support of my advisors, physical trainers, physical therapists, coaches and staff. I’m happy that I’m able to achieve my educational goals all while playing my favorite sport. That’s all. Serving it back to you, Desi.

– Wow Janee, being a student athlete sounds exciting. It’s great that you’ve learned to balance your academic pursuits with your athletic ambitions. Bowie State University strives to develop intercollegiate athletes as well-rounded students and provides opportunities for leadership on and off the field. Good luck out there, Janee and go Bulldogs.

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