Pursuing an Accelerated Graduate Degree with Arthi

Segment #8 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Now let’s meet Arthi, who is a Co-Terminal student of computer science. The Co-Terminal Program is a great way to get an advanced degree and an accelerated pace. Soon Arthi will pursue a career in the cutting edge field of artificial intelligence, but until then, she’s having a great time exploring all of her interests at RPI. Arthi, tell us more.

– Thanks for the great introduction, Alex. My story starts at RPI when I decided to go to a smaller school to allow myself access to more opportunities, and to be involved with a tight-knit community full of intelligent people that would push me to work harder. I found that at RPI, in our prestigious computer science department. A huge priority for me during my college years was to be able to balance my passions with my rigorous academics. RPI’s environment allowed me to excel in classes and be involved in our Bollywood dance team, the Board of Society of Women Engineers, cultural clubs, a sorority, and as an admissions ambassador to spread my love for RPI. I also studied abroad in Singapore for a semester, which I did not think would be possible with my technical major. But my advisors made this dream of mine happen. My undergraduate years at RPI were full of memorable experiences and an abundance of opportunities, both academically and professionally. So for my master’s, RPI was the top choice for me. The Co-Terminal Program At RPI allows students who completed their undergraduate degree to earn their master’s degree within just two semesters, along with the master’s project or thesis. Co-Term students can specialize in a specific area pertaining to their major, and choose a topic that interests them to research for their master’s project. With how quickly technology is evolving and the way artificial intelligence is infiltrating every single market, I knew I needed to be a part of this by earning my master’s in this field as soon as possible. The Co-Term program was the best fit for me as it would take me half the time as a traditional master’s. I found a master’s project that I truly loved, my scholarships applied, and I continue to be part of a community that I had grown to love as an undergrad. Sending it back to you, Alex.

– Wow, way to maximize your time at RPI. Having fun, building connections, and getting a sought after degree in an emerging field. RPI is an academically rigorous university that supports an amazing college experience, and students get access to incredible technology. Your future is so very bright, Arthi. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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