The RPI Athletics Family with Jake

Segment #9 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Alright, now let’s meet Jake, a junior Business and Management major and a member of the RPI baseball team. RPI has 23 sports teams, including Division I men’s and women’s hockey. As a student athlete, Jake has received unique opportunities and really appreciates the RPI community he’s a part of. Take it away.

– Thanks, Alex. Hi everybody. I’ve been a part of the RPI community for almost all of my life. I came to my first Big Red Freakout hockey game when I was just five years old. I always love the energy of the fans, the exhilaration of the games, and of course, Puckman. As I grew up, my love for baseball flourished. I knew I wanted to play baseball in college, but RPI wasn’t really on my radar until about the COVID-19 pandemic. I realized I valued being close to home and being close to my family more than I had anticipated. RPI’s combination of world-class athletic facilities as well as as valuable and well-respected academics made it the perfect fit for me. From the first time I stepped foot on campus, I could tell that RPI athletics was more than just a collection of sports teams, it’s a family. I feel a sense of community every day, whether it’s at practice, at lift, or just seeing your friendly face in one of my classes. Everybody in RPI athletics has your best interest in mind, and it’s great to know that you have that support system, especially with the challenges of being a student athlete at one of the nation’s top universities. RPI Athletics has also provided me with unique opportunities around campus, like my on campus job. I’m a part of the ice maintenance crew at the Houston Field House. Here I get to work and watch men’s and women hockey games, take care of the ice before, during, and after matches, as well as driving a Zamboni. Being a part of RPI athletics has helped me make some of my closest friends, and allowed me to develop skills that will last me a lifetime. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to be an RPI engineer. Thank you, and back to you, Alex.

– Thanks, Jake, for sharing your story. I must admit I’m a little jealous that you get to drive the Zamboni at the hockey games. Now, not only does RPI boast a high number of All-American athletes, they also have Puckman, which is so cool. Thanks again, Jake.

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